A Sad Goodbye And A New Season.

18 Apr

It is with great sadness and joy that I write this blog post.

You see 4 years ago I had a dream of women encouraging other women. Of women writing words that would uplift and encourage women in their walk with God. For those women to share experiences so others would know they are not alone. To know it’s ok to struggle in their walk with Jesus and to know that none of us is perfect!

And so the Activate Women Blog was birthed. And here we are 4 years later. To date, there have been 161 posts shared from a variety of women, all with the goal of encouraging and uplifting each other. 161 different perspectives on life and 161 different views of the world and our place in it as Christian Women.

And now the time has come for me to pass on the baton. This is not the end my friends, but a new season. A new season for me as I pursue all God has for me, and a new season for Tash who will now be overseeing the blog.

I am super excited that Tash has agreed to take this on, I mean, I would not just hand over my baby to anyone, and I know you will be safe in her hands.

I prayed long and hard about giving this up. It is not something I wanted to do in the flesh, but knew it was something God was asking me to do for various reasons. I prayed that a woman with a heart to encourage and uplift women as much as I do, would step up and carry on from where I am leaving off. God always answers our prayers.

So this is a sad goodbye for me, as I let go and move into a new season. I will still be writing and contributing to the blog, but now the care of it is in the hands of Tash. Please pray for her. It is not always an easy task coordinating women and keeping on top of things, and I know she would appreciate your prayers and support.

So as I sign off for the last time as Editor, as I relinquish control, and as I let go of my baby, I want to thank all you women who have supported me, loved me, encouraged me, and helped me get this dream off the ground. May God continue to Bless you all through this blog and the amazing women that write for it.

Bye for now,

ps….There may have been a tear or two shed as I wrote this!


One Response to “A Sad Goodbye And A New Season.”


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